Scariest Horror Movie Ever Just Blew Up Hulu Top 3

Scariest Horror Movie Ever Just Blew Up Hulu Top 3
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Missed a truly terrifying horror movie? There’s one on Hulu.

Scott Derrickson is more than just a horror director. He is no stranger to the world of spirits and dark forces: Derrickson has a bachelor's degree in humanities and theology.

Perhaps that is why his images of evil are so realistic that it is hard to believe they are fiction. Although it is not always fiction.

For example, the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose is based on real events, and to film it, the director had to study tons of documents, delve into the essence of exorcism, and meet with people who became the prototypes of the main characters.

Do you remember the movie Sinister? Yes, the one that many viewers recognized as the scariest horror movie, and even studies conducted by scientists, when monitors were attached to the viewers to count the pulse, confirmed this.

Sinister was also created by Scott Derrickson, who apparently knows the secret formula for making truly horrifying movies.

So it's no surprise that the director's movie, The Black Phone, which was released three years ago, has recently become the second most watched on Hulu. Who doesn't love a good old scare?

What is The Black Phone About?

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1978, a mysterious madman in a hat named The Grabber is terrorizing the town. He takes teenagers in his black van to unknown destinations. No one ever sees the kids again.

The villain's next victim is a boy named Finney. The madman hides him in a dark basement where an old black phone hangs on the wall. The device is disconnected, but that does not stop the ghosts of the previous victims from calling the guy. They tell him how to get out of his captivity.

The Story Was Written by Stephen King ’s Son

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The original story of the same name was written by Joe Hill, Stephen King's son. Hill had long since developed his own style and stepped out of his father's shadow, but the influence of King Sr.'s work was clearly evident in The Black Phone.

A small town with a sinister secret? It’s right here. Childhood trauma? Present.

The Black Phone Remains As Terrifying As Director’s Previous Works

Derrickson and Stranger Things cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz test the viewer's mettle. Here Finney enters the code for the entrance lock next to the sleeping Grabber, and there he digs a passageway to escape: at any moment a killer could enter, and the consequences would be terrible.

The film has a lot of classic and truly scary horror elements, as it was this genre that made Derrickson famous in Hollywood and later even led to him being hired to direct Doctor Strange.

In The Black Phone you can find both screamers in the spirit of Deliver Us from Evil and creepy film footage like in Sinister. And be prepared to close your eyes in fear a few times.