Scariest Sci-Fi Horror Classic Set in Space to Watch on Prime Video

Scariest Sci-Fi Horror Classic Set in Space to Watch on Prime Video
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Underrated back in its day, this harrowing space horror deserves a second chance.

There are two vast territories humans are terrified of wandering into: oceans and space. So different yet so alike, both these depths conceal countless mysteries, and — as many are afraid of — countless things and being beyond our understanding. There’s no lack of movies that, while speculating about it, only strengthen the average person’s fear of the abyss, and this one here is one of the absolute gems.

Event Horizon Precedes Most Sci-Fis

What’s the one thing, one technology that’s present in most space-set sci-fi stories? Instant travel technology — the ability to traverse immeasurable distances in a blink, of course. But in Event Horizon, this technology hasn’t been exactly explored yet, and the one experiment with it didn’t end well: the test spaceship (called Event Horizon, believe it or not) simply vanished.

Seven years later, the ship reappears on the radars without contact with Earth. A rescue team is sent there to find potential survivors and investigate what happened and why the experiment went wrong. But what the rescue team didn’t expect to find was a sinister presence in the corridors of Event Horizon — something that’s been haunting the spaceship since its previous disastrous journey.

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Event Horizon Went Underappreciated

We’ll be honest with you: we’re suckers for sci-fi horrors, and even more so for those set in space. So we might be a bit biased here, but… Event Horizon didn’t receive the love it deserved. Paul W.S. Anderson’s flick is one of the scariest movies set in outer space, and it deserves more than a 6.6/10 score on IMDb.

As proven by Rotten Tomatoes, critics didn’t take a liking to Event Horizon, having the movie sit on an embarrassing 34% Tomatometer score — but viewers nearly doubled it, bringing it up to a 61% Audience Score. If you’re willing to venture into the dark depths of outer space, discover the mysteries of Event Horizon, and see whether critics or viewers were right about this movie, you can watch it on Apple TV and Prime Video.