Secret Wars Is the Perfect Time for Avengers to Finally Disassemble

Secret Wars Is the Perfect Time for Avengers to Finally Disassemble
Image credit: Legion-Media, Walt Disney Studios

The first perfect time was after Endgame; the second best choice would be to do it with Secret Wars. Avengers must step down and make room for a new core team.

Despite all its grandeur, the MCU is undeniably struggling right now. The notorious superhero fatigue coupled with the general exhaustion of stories when it comes to Marvel’s central team — Avengers — are doing their jobs, and right now, it’s painfully obvious: the MCU can’t keep going like this for another decade. Not a chance.

Superhero fatigue aside, it all comes down to scaling.

Every consequent Avengers movie raised the stakes higher and higher, and this trend absolutely piqued in Endgame. Raising the bar even more sounds ridiculous: we already had a titan wipe out half the population and lost half of the Avengers to undo it. We had the most epic and high-stakes sequence imaginable. What’s next?

In the perfect world, Marvel would’ve caught the drift and let Avengers go after Endgame. The studio decided against it and announced not one but two new Avengers movies — The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. The problem is that they have to be bigger than Endgame…and realistically, there’s no room for scaling further.

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With The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, Marvel can’t back down. These movies will be made and, most likely, they’ll be at least somewhat disappointing. The entire multiverse insanity has been going on for too long already, and these installments will prove it. But then, after Secret Wars, the MCU will need to do what’s right.

They’ll need to let go of the Avengers.

The only plausible way to keep the MCU entertaining without degrading to utter nonsense would be to introduce a new team — and the best choice would be X-Men. From what we’re seeing, the studio is already making efforts to re-introduce this iconic team to the audience, and this is the correct direction for its future.

Unfortunately, Marvel already missed the best time to switch to X-Men; they should’ve done it after Endgame. Still, the studio has all the chances to save the MCU a bit later down the line… Though, now, it will likely cost them quite some humiliation with The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars.

They just can’t be nearly as good as Avengers: Endgame. The scale is too much.

What’s your favorite Marvel team?