'Severance' Creator Just Debunked These Two Major Fan Theories

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'Severance' is certainly the biggest hit Apple TV+ series to date, but it was pretty amazing that this intelligent show broke many viewer records and got itself a staggeringly big fandom in a matter of months.

With the second season still a long time away with a release date set for 2023, fans can't wait to learn more about the series' wonderful world full of scientific mystery and raw human emotion. Fans are coming up with theories, trying to explain everything that happened in the first season and could happen in the second, and in the end, some of those theories turned out to be true.

'Severance' Creator Just Confirmed 3 Major Season 2 Theories

However, some of other theories were really just fiction invented by information-hungry fans (but what is it if not a sign of a truly great fandom, trying to uncover everything and to reveal the unknown). During his recent Reddit AMA series creator Dan Erickson answered questions from 'Severance' fans, shedding light on some previously unknown secrets. In the process he debunked two major theories that thousands of fans believed to be true.

First of all, no, the Severance floor is not just some virtual reality simulation where workers function like those in 'The Matrix'. It's a real place, with real people working in it. Erickson puts it this way:

"The office is real. It exists physically and everything we see there is actually happening, except the black goo, which is Irv's dream."

So, yes, it seems that this interesting-sounding fan theory has ultimately fallen into oblivion.

Second, one of the biggest mysteries of the series has finally been explained: are the code detectors preventing workers from sneaking written messages from the Severed floor fake? Erickson's answer is pretty simple – no, they're not. They do work, and the fact that creators failed to prove it to fans in the first season is surely just a mistake, not a foundation for some kind of conspiracy.

Despite the debunking of these theories, fans are still up to their ears in mysteries, so waiting for season two is shaping up to be quite long, but interesting nonetheless.

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