'Severance': Fan Theories Suggest There Might Be More to Helly R Than We Thought

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This show is full of mysteries, but some of the answers might be right there.

'Severance' starts off with introducing us to Helly R. – a new employee of Lumon's Macrodata Refinement department. Like all of her colleagues, she is "severed", which means that her work memories are surgically separated from her outside world personality, which remains a mystery until the final episodes that reveal that Helly is in fact a part of the founder's family, and her name is Helly Eagan.

But why would she be called Helly R. at work, then? Because each "severed" employee has their surnames shortened to just one letter, but Helly's is "R" for some reason, and not "E".

Fans on Reddit have come up with a genius theory that could hint at the answer. Helly's initials would make "HR", or human resources – something that not only works linguistically but also makes sense as one of her possible goals in the company as part of the Eagan family. What if her job at Lumon is not limited by Macrodata Refinement?

There are other theories as to what Helly R. can be. Now that we know that she is Eagan, it came to fans' mind that she might have been actually created by the family as a "livestock" – fitting just right into one of the very first questions her innie asked when she woke up "severed" on a Lumon table.

"The company really did grow her, since she is the daughter of Jame Eagan. He gave her the body, and the mind. Indoctrinated into the cult from a young age, her individuality could be "eaten" by Lumon, able to do with her as they please. I wonder if getting severed was even her idea in the first place. Perhaps Helly wanting to escape is just a sign of her subconscious need to break free from the company on the outside," one of Reddit fan theories suggests.

'Severance' has been greenlit for season 2, so we might get to finally know the mysteries behind Helly's personality and her actual motivations. However, the release date has not been scheduled yet.

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