'Severance' Fan Theory: Lumon Company's Purpose Explained

'Severance' Fan Theory: Lumon Company's Purpose Explained
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Do they do anything else but sever people's work memories from their personal lives?

It's not quite clear what Lumon does as a company in 'Severance ', but it is surely a mystery that might be resolved in the new season. However, fans are not ready to wait that long, and they came up with a handful of theories that might shed light onto the shady deals of the mysterious company.

We know that Lumon was founded by Keir Eagan, who is a god-like personality for pretty much every employee from cleaners to top management. Since its inception, the company has been run by his heirs, and we even got a shocking revelation that Helly R. is in fact one of them.

According to some fan theories posted on Reddit, Lumon's purpose as a company has to be centered around Eagan as well. And what is a purpose more noble than… resurrect your idol?

Yes, many fans actually believe that all Lumon departments in fact work to bring Keir Eagan back to life. Macrodata refiners might be the models that help machines to learn about feelings and emotions to later "install" them into the resurrected founder; while mysterious goats can be some sort of a "biological tissue" for Kier's repair. Meanwhile, Optics & Design might be busy with recreating some of the elements of Keir's life so that he has his memories when he comes back to life.

There are clearly more departments at Lumon that we are yet to know more about. But the jobs of the employees that we are already familiar with do not make much sense unless one tries to tie them to something bizarre and borderline supernatural. Then, the creepy work of Lumon starts to come together.

Only season 2 will show whether fans believing that the company is on a mission to get its founder back to life were right. However, its release date is unknown yet, even though the show's creator Ben Stiller confirmed that the series has been renewed for another season.