'She-Hulk' Channels 'Fleabag' Vibes, Leaving Fans Baffled

'She-Hulk' Channels 'Fleabag' Vibes, Leaving Fans Baffled
Image credit: Disney+

Another Marvel project breaking the fourth wall?

In a newly-revealed trailer for 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law', Jennifer Walters is seen… speaking to the audience, in what appears to be Marvel's yet another attempt to shatter the fourth wall.

It looks nothing like 'Deadpool ', however. According to many fans, Tatiana Maslany 's character is definitely channeling the vibes of 'Fleabag' – the show created by Phoebe Waller-Bridges, where she portrays the main character. The heroine is nameless, but she would constantly address viewers as the events in the show unfold – almost always in a sarcastic or hilarious manner.

This is exactly what appears to be going on in 'She-Hulk'. And fans are not sure they are fond of that.

"The asides to the camera in Fleabag had a point –– it was about a depressed, introverted woman who didn't have anyone else to talk to! She-Hulk doesn't seem to be that." – @edencosmic

Obviously, breaking the fourth wall is not something exclusive to 'Fleabag', but many people asserted that 'She-Hulk' creators took inspiration precisely from Waller-Bridges' show.

However, one should keep in mind that 'She-Hulk' started breaking the fourth wall in the comics. Technically, Jennifer Walters did that even before 'Fleabag' was released in 2016 – in 'Sensational She-Hulk #3' of 1989.

This is why many OG comic fans ended up being annoyed at those who claimed that the fourth wall move in the trailer was "stolen" from 'Fleabag'.

"I was expecting to be mildly annoyed by people claiming that She-Hulk stole the 4th wall thing from Deadpool, but honestly they've been eclipsed by the people claiming that she stole it from Fleabag, lol." – @TemplePhoenix

Premiering on Disney Plus on August 17, 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' will most likely combine the superhero story of Jennifer Walters with a touch of comedy as well as some thrilling drama. Besides, the show will apparently welcome a lot of already familiar characters – aside from Mark Ruffalo 's Professor Hulk and Tim Roth 's Abomination, Charlie Cox 's Daredevil is also likely returning in the series.