She-Hulk is Here To Stay: "There's Not Going to be Another 'Avengers' Without Her"

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The day Marvel fans have been waiting for is finally almost here: on August 18 'She-Hulk' is going to take our screens by storm, and yet it already feels like the MCU has welcomed one of its most loveable new characters.

To the surprise of absolutely no one and delight of many who have already fallen in love with Tatiana Maslany's quirky, confident and insanely charismatic character, Jennifer Walters has become an official part of the MCU's future. According to the actress herself as well as Mark Ruffalo, who've returned as Hulk in Maslany-led Disney+ series, She-Hulk is going to play somewhat major part in future Marvel projects. She's part of the Avengers now and isn't going anywhere: at least that's what 'She-Hulk' stars told The Hollywood Reporter.

"She's in now, there's not going to be another Avengers without her," Mark Ruffalo said, adding that "that's what he's hearing".

Seems like there is a place for Jennifer Walters in the bigger picture: after all , at the SDCC a couple of week ago Kevin Feige did announce two ensemble Avengers-like movies Marvel has planned for its Phase 6, and She-Hulk could be a valuable asset to the team in a battle versus yet another powerful adversary after Thanos.

A chance to prove herself as part of the Avengers team is not that far for Tatiana Maslany's character: 'Avengers: The Kang Dynasty' is set to release May 2, 2025 with 'Secret Wars' to follow on November 7the same year. Looks like this time Marvel is following comics canon pretty closely: in the comics, Jennifer's one of the most prominent Avengers members.

'Secret Wars' in terms of sheer epicness will be somewhat similar to 'Endgame', if not bigger, and it's not that surprising that fans are already trying to predict who's going to be included in the updated Avengers roster. Some of the Reddit fan theories sound decidedly intriguing, unearthing subtlest references and Easter eggs in every new the MCU project:

"Someone on Twitter noticed that the Hawkeye watch with a label "268 Avengers compound" was referencing Avengers issue #268, which is conveniently titled KANG DYNASTY. The Avenger team in that issue was: Namor, Monica Rambeau, Captain America, Black Knight, Wasp and Hercules. All characters we have met so far." – /TheUncannyBroker

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