'She-Hulk' to Introduce a Character Who'll Make Tony Stark Fans Go Ballistic

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Billionaire, playboy and philanthropist will be back – but it's not the one we love.

Iron Man fans, take a breath: 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' is going to include a Tony Stark-wannabe who is officially nothing like the Phase One original superhero.

According to the character description from the show's creators, his name will be Todd and he will be a "total creep". Todd will be portrayed by 'Baywatch' star Jon Bass.

One of Jennifer Walters' dating experiences, he will easily secure a top place in the list of worst dates ever.

"Todd is a billionaire playboy philanthropist douchebag who wants more than anything to feel like Tony Stark, but comes off as Jon Bass. He is used to getting whatever he wants, but he's a total creep who starts popping up everywhere," the official description goes.

According to producer Wendy Jacobson, Bass will portray a "terrible person", but it will be "really fun to watch" — apparently for everyone but Tony Stark fans who are unlikely to enjoy anyone trying to pass off as their favorite character.

"The character of Todd plays on the social commentary of misogyny and incel culture and the unfair views of women. He's annoying, but mostly harmless and it's really about embodying these awkward interactions you have with someone when they keep showing up in your life over and over again," Jacobson teases.

Robert Downey Jr's character was obviously far away from this description but it looks like the new Marvel era will bring more fun to the new generation of superheroes by taunting the way some characters will try and mimic the legends. In the case of Todd, he will most likely be a somewhat irritating comic relief which might also annoy "toxic Marvel fan boys", as some social media users put it.

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' will start streaming on Disney Plus on August 17.

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