SHINEE's KEY Intrigues Everyone With a Unique Concept for His New Album

SHINEE's KEY Intrigues Everyone With a Unique Concept for His New Album
Image credit: Legion-Media

He even went to the Color Academy to make sure everything would look perfect.

The new teaser poster for SHINee KEY's second album might look shocking to someone who has been waiting for bright summer vibes from K-pop artists right now – but that's on them for expecting something so trivial, right?

2nd generation idols are different, and that is clearly seen in Kim Kibum a.k.a. KEY's solo releases, from 'FACE' and 'Bad Love' to the upcoming 'Gasoline'. All of these concepts are quirky, captivating, but also grim and icky, sometimes leaving you wondering what Kibum was thinking and what he wanted to say with such a unique representation of his own music.

With the new teaser, KEY invites his fans to join his early Halloween party by posing as a black silhouette on a green-ish eerie sky among shagged fences and crooked trees, with the eye-balls and an album title straight out of popular horror book covers. However, fans couldn't be more excited over this one image, as they praise the artist for his unique and mysterious artistic designs.

What are the other artistic things we can expect in the upcoming KEY's promotion campaign?

Kim Kibum showed his thorough preparations for his second album by going to the Color Academy to get an analysis on which colors will look the best on him. He dropped a spoiler to fans that he planned to use a lot of gold and metallic accents instead of vivid color one would expect from the old-school horror concepts. Obsessed even with the smallest details, KEY was worried that gold will not be recommended as the best color for him; yet, apparently, his comeback's concept calls for it. Luckily, the expert showed Kibum that cool tones suit him the best and advised him to add silver or metallic accents, which further determined the artist's decision on the color concept for the new album.

He was only upset for one reason: turns out, Kibum owns a lot of knitted shirts in warm yellow and brown colors, which weren't recommended by the color theory expert. But something tells us… there weren't going to be any soft knitted sweaters in a horror-like concept of 'Gasoline', anyway. We are all curious to see what he will pull off in the new comeback that will happen on August 30.