Should You Watch Apple TV + 'Shining Girls'? Here's What Critics Think

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Apple TV+ is clearly not afraid to take creative risks when it comes to producing new shows. After the recent success of 'Severance', fans can't wait to see if the upcoming 'Shining Girls' reaches the same level of greatness.

The upcoming series is based on the bestselling novel by Lauren Books and will center on a pretty mind-blowing premise -- a serial killer travels through time, killing people to change the future. Elizabeth Moss will play the role of an innocent woman who survives a deadly attack and realizes that her assailant is far more sinister than she initially thought. Jamie Bell and Wagner Moura round out the cast.

Currently boasting solid 76% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes, 'Shining Girls' looks like another big win for Apple TV+.

Rolling Stone's Alan Sepinwall found show's success in "high-concept premise, some great direction from Breaking Bad alum Michelle MacLaren, and the usual superhuman intensity from Elisabeth Moss in the lead role," concluding that "the series transcends a lot of the usual clichés and pitfalls."

Therese Lacson of Collider described 'Shining Girls' as a perfect watch "for those who enjoy a more experimental approach to storytelling, unburdened by the confines of one specific genre," while Slashfilm's Chris Evangelista noted that "if you're willing to pace yourself, and let the mysteries of 'Shining Girls' slowly envelope you, you might be rewarded with an addictive new series."

However, not all critics were so positive, with Jean Henegan of Pop Culture Maniacs pointing out that "things start to drag a bit in the middle and the end feels a tad rushed once we get to it," and San Francisco Chronicle's Mick LaSalle saying that "there was simply not enough here to fill all that screen time. 'Shining Girls' would have been better as a 105-minute movie."

'Shining Girls' premieres on Apple TV + tonight, April 29, 2022.

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