Silo Fans Think They Know What Season 1 Cliffhanger Is Going To Be (We Will Be Pissed Off)

Silo Fans Think They Know What Season 1 Cliffhanger Is Going To Be (We Will Be Pissed Off)
Image credit: Apple TV

What can be worse than an episode ending on a cliffhanger? A season ending on one.

Apple's new sci-fi hit, Silo, has surely taken the streaming platform (as well as everyone on the Internet) by storm. Rebecca Ferguson-led series has notoriously kept us all hooked with the clever use of cliffhangers that ended each episode of the first season, and there's no reason to think that the season finale will be any different.

With season 2 already in the works, Silo fans think that it's almost a given that the first season ends on a cliffhanger as well. Moreover, the fandom believes it already knows what exactly that cliffhanger is going to be.

In the trailer for Silo season 1, we can see that Bernard, Silo's mayor, is sending someone out to clean. With all nine episodes having aired already, clearly the scene is taking place in episode 10.

We don't know who is the unlucky one, but given that Juliette Nichols is currently Silo's Undesirable №1, it's safe to assume it's her.

However, Silo is not the show you can predict that easily. Anyone can be anything; for instance, Bernard might as well be sending out anyone close to Juliette. It can be her Down Deep friend Martha, or her father Dr. Pete Nichols; at this point, even Deputy Sheriff Paul Billings can be in danger.

Those who watched the trailer closely, however, think that Billings is not the one being sent out.

"And [Billings] is the sheriff right now, which corresponds to the rules that a mayor needs to read the constitution. However, as I rewatched the trailer, [Billings] is standing right next to [Bernard], hinting that the one is [Juliette]," Redditor dannystevence noted.

Other fans believe that Juliette can no longer have a normal life in the Silo, so they're pretty sure she just has to be sent outside no matter how dangerous it will be for her.

"And I'm also pretty sure it will be the last thing we see on the episode, she will step outside, she will remove her helmet, she won't die for some reason and then we'll see what the real outside looks like. And since I'm pretty sure there are more Silos, maybe, just maybe, the cliffhanger will be how someone shows up and saves her," Redditor Inven13 said.

The season finale will hit Apple TV Plus on Friday, June 30. Are you ready? Because we are so, so not ready.