Slow Horses & 6 More Series Returning This Week with New Seasons on Apple TV+, Peacock, and More

Slow Horses & 6 More Series Returning This Week with New Seasons on Apple TV+, Peacock, and More
Image credit: Apple TV+, Netflix

Late November and early December bring new seasons of popular TV shows.

This week will be marked by the high-octane premieres of new seasons of two of TV's fan favorites: Apple's Slow Horses and Netflix 's Virgin River.

Check your subscriptions, friends, because the week of November 27-December 3 will be marked by seven outstanding premieres of new seasons for scripted and unscripted shows!

7. The Great Christmas Light Fight, Season 11

Premiere date: November 26, December 3 (new episode)

Available on: ABC

Beginning Sunday, ABC will air the new season of The Great Christmas Light Fight, a reality competition show celebrating the luminous spirit of the season. Since 2013, contestants have competed to demonstrate the best Christmas light displays to judges. Each week, the creator of the best display wins an $85,000 prize and a themed gift. What better way to get into the holiday mood?

6. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Season 12

Premiere date: November 26, December 3 (new episode)

Available on: Adult Swim

On November 26, two episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the cult adult animated series originally under the auspices of Cartoon Network and then Adult Swim, premiered, relaunching the show after 8 years, not counting its YouTube spin-offs. Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad will reunite in a surreal adventure full of meta references to pop culture phenomena. The new episode will also be released this Sunday.

5. Pretty Hard Cases, Season 3

Premiere date: November 29

Available on: Amazon Freevee

Already this Wednesday, the final season of the excellent Canadian comedy procedural drama Pretty Hard Cases will be available on Freevee after 10 months of broadcasting on CBC in Canada. The plot will continue the story of the wild duo of guns and gangs detective Sam and drug squad detective Kelly as they navigate the criminal world and their personal lives in their 40s.

4. Slow Horses, Season 3

Premiere date: November 29 (first two episodes)

Available on: Apple TV+

Here we come to one of the most important premieres of the week and the recent months in general, the third season of the British spy thriller Slow Horses, starring the legendary Gary Oldman as the grumpy and perpetually drunk boss of the intelligence underdogs. In the third season, the Slow Horses will once again prove to MI5 their competence and ability to stop threats to the world.

3. Paris in Love, Season 2

Premiere date: November 30

Available on: Peacock

Hollywood and the West Coast's leading socialite and influencer, Paris Hilton, may be taking a family break from high-octane events and red carpets, but that does not mean she is hiding from the cameras! The first season of the reality show Paris in Love chronicled her marriage to Carter Reum. Two years later, the show will tell the story of how the newlyweds met their newborn son, Phoenix.

2. Virgin River, Season 5, Part 2

Premiere date: November 30

Available on: Netflix

We have been waiting for this moment, dear Virgin River fans, and very soon we will finally be able to see the continuation of the whirlwind story set in the picturesque wilds of Northern California. What's in store for Brady? How will it affect Mike? How will Mel and Jack deal with the loss of their child?

1. Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Season 3

Premiere date: December 1

Available on: Starz

Finally, the new season of the crime drama created by Courtney A. Kemp in collaboration with 50 Cent will be released soon. The series is a prequel to Power, in which the famous rapper played Kanan Stark. Power Book III follows the early years of a drug dealer.