Slow Pace Has Already Ruined 'Andor' For Many Fans

Slow Pace Has Already Ruined 'Andor' For Many Fans
Image credit: Legion-Media

The 'Rogue One' prequel has just premiered, but many Star Wars fans have already formed their opinion.

On Wednesday, the first three episodes of 'Andor ' – yet another 'Star Wars ' show following the life of rogue pilot Cassian Andor – premiered on Disney Plus. The premiere has largely received a warm welcome from fans, with people praising the new show as "groundbreaking" and "the most intelligent Star Wars show so far".

However, not everyone is as enthusiastic. Some people take issue with the show's pace, which is distinctively slow. According to many, the first three episodes were not really eventful; and while some enjoy the "slow-burner", others argue that more action would not have harmed the show.

Despite 'Andor' having a lot of things worth praising for, its slow pace seems to be more of an issue.

"I've seen two episodes of Andor so far. The show is visually really cool but it's so slow and the episodes end weird. Like "That's it?" They seem pretty short. Bee is my favorite character right now. Bix is a close second and Andor is a very interesting character too." – @df2506

Some fans argue that the pace might pay off if the show is building up to something big in future episodes. However, there are certain viewers who are almost ready to drop the show because of how slow it is.

"Episode 1 of Andor was.. erm.. Ok? Very slow (which is fine if you are building up). Very on the nose with certain messaging (racist white guys, "our borders need protecting) YAWN. But all in all, despite ok performances, it lacks any charm at all." – @HAWTToys

There is even an opinion that the slow pace does not have any other goal but to trick people into believing that there is something new to the franchise in terms of style.

"My cynical side is saying that Andor was just made to be pretentiously slow and mature without substance in hopes of tricking people into liking Star Wars again." – @morata_stan

No matter how 'Andor' picks up, it has received an overwhelmingly positive response after the first three episodes, with many people actually enjoying it as a slow-burner. According to the defenders, those who criticize the show for it are actually deliberately looking for something to hate.

New episodes of 'Andor' are to be released weekly on Disney Plus through November 23. There will be 12 episodes in total.