Snubbed! 11 Incredible Films That Oscars Ignored

Snubbed! 11 Incredible Films That Oscars Ignored
Image credit: Legion-Media

While they might not have gotten an Oscar, or even a nomination, these 11 films can serve as another reminder that sometimes the most memorable movies are the ones the Academy overlooks. An Oscar isn't the only measure of a movie's worth after all.

It's no secret that when it comes to the Oscars, there's a certain kind of movie that tends to grab the spotlight – you know, those big, dramatic pieces that scream 'Oscar bait' from a mile away, or Very Important historical dramas you sometimes can't go through in one sitting.

But then there's this rogue gallery of 11 films, each one a masterpiece in its own right, that the Academy just breezed right past, like a movie buff walking by a blockbuster in search of an indie flick.

These are the films that brought something special to the table, be it groundbreaking storytelling, breathtaking cinematography, or performances that made you forget you were even watching a movie, yet for some reason, they didn't fit the mold of what the Oscars usually go for.

They're the kind of films that stick with you long after the credits roll, the ones you end up recommending to friends, wondering aloud why they didn't get more love during awards season.