So, Will The Sandman Season 2 Adapt Seasons of Mists?

So, Will The Sandman Season 2 Adapt Seasons of Mists?
Image credit: Netflix

Finally, season 2 is confirmed. Now let's get things straight.

Netflix has eventually greenlit the second season of The Sandman, and fans are now buzzing over what they should expect in the new chapter of the TV adaptation.

Given that the first season has largely maintained the order of Neil Gaiman 's original graphic novel, there is hope that the new season of Netflix's show will follow suit. If so, then fan hopes that Netflix will finally adapt Seasons of Mists (Sandman issues #21-28) are pretty justified.

Shortly after Netflix made it official about season 2, fans flocked Twitter with utter confidence that Seasons of Mists is getting its live action adaptation. With season 1 ending on Dream and Desire seemingly making their beef official, it's only natural for things to escalate into Seasons of Mist.

This part of Morpheus' story starts with the Endless family dinner, and this alone is something that fans have been craving to see. During the dinner, Desire taunts Morpheus for how he treated his former lover, Nada, whom he left trapped in Hell. Dream's first impulse is to snap back, but suddenly Death (who he respects a lot) sides with Desire, making Morpheus change his mind.

With The Sandman Renewed For Season 2, Fans Only Want One Thing Now

He embarks on a mission to Hell with a goal to release Nada. And we all remember how he left Lucifer Morningstar, the ruler of Hell, humiliated and angered after his previous visit. Knowing that he might lose in the upcoming face-off, Morpheus is actually preparing for death.

However, he arrives in hell only to find out that Lucifer in fact intends to leave it and step down as its lord. Then, Morpheus will have to deal with the succession of Hell's ownership and finally set free his lover.

Just how it will happen we might finally witness on screen — if Netflix does decide to move on with the arc. As of now, no official comments or even hints were given by the creative team about season 2 plot details.

The premiere date also remains unknown. However, fans are currently elated enough to know that The Sandman has finally received the long-awaited season 2 and will return to screens.