Soldier Boy Finally Does This Anticipated Thing in 'Herogasm'

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Our prayers have been heard.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' episode 6

Soldier Boy garnered fan love long before actually being introduced in 'The Boys', with fans getting excited ever since Jensen Ackles was announced as the one to portray the unhinged version of Captain America in the Amazon show.

Since then, fans have been sharing their expectations from the character: will he be as repulsing as they crave him to be? Will he take drugs on screen? Finally, will Jensen Ackles get to swear on screen after all this time of playing the family-friendly character of Dean Winchester in 'Supernatural'?

The answer to all three is… yes, he will.

In episode 6, titled 'Herogasm', Soldier Boy enjoys some home time, wearing casual clothes, sipping alcohol, snorting drugs, and, of course, swearing as much as he wants.

And fans could not enjoy it more. Especially when Soldier Boy's swearing and joking gradually evolved into him opening up to Hughie, with Ackles' character revealing that he loved Crimson Countess and trying to persuade Hughie that he was no "bad guy".

"Soldier Boy allowing himself to show vulnerability, if even just for a second, honestly surprised me. like the toxicity is still there, but there’s definitely depth to him," - @livelyackles.

While Soldier Boy is being touted as "Homelander before Homelander", it seems that fans love him way more than the narcissist superhero with the star-striped cape. Some people are already rallying for Soldier Boy to land his own spin-off that could focus on his past, as well as the story of Team Payback.

However, there are still things to be revealed about Jensen Ackles' character in the main show, with two more episodes to arrive on Prime Video until July 8.

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