Sorry, Kate Winslet: Nicole Kidman Was The Perfect Rose That Titanic Lost

Sorry, Kate Winslet: Nicole Kidman Was The Perfect Rose That Titanic Lost
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Titanic's Rose DeWitt Bukater was perfectly played by Kate Winslet. The role made the 22-year-old actress an overnight Hollywood star, bringing her worldwide fame and even an Oscar nomination.

However, some believe that another actress would be better suited for the iconic role.

With a budget of millions of dollars and a production on an epic scale, Titanic could not have been made without the right choice of leading actors.

Given the relatively young age of the characters, the roles of Jack and Rose could hardly have gone to big stars.

In addition, the creators themselves did not want to attract star actors, because they did not want to get the trace of the roles they played before to overshadow the new movie, thus destroying the authentic atmosphere of 1912.

This was one of the reasons why James Cameron turned down Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale and Tom Cruise.

The same fate befell the contenders for the role of Rose – Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharon Stone, Madonna and Nicole Kidman were among those who auditioned for the role.

As you know, Kate Winslet eventually beat everyone out, but some still can't come to terms with the fact that Nicole Kidman could get the part.

Tom Cruise wanted to play the role of Jack in Titanic, but director James Cameron turned him down. Cruise is twelve years older than Leonardo DiCaprio, so his character would have been too old.

But his wife Nicole Kidman was offered to play Rose, but she refused. It is not known why the actress turned down the role, but many agree that the setting was just perfect for how she looked at that time.

The fact that Nicole is older than Leonardo DiCaprio, who played the role of Jack, is seen by fans as the only obstacle to this role.

"I could maybe see Nicole Kidman as Rose? Though she's older than Leo and god forbid in Hollywood that happen," Reddit user RasputinsThirdLeg commented.

Although the actress turned down a role in one of the highest-grossing films of all time, it did no harm to her career.

One of her most memorable roles was that of the courtesan Satine in the musical Moulin Rouge!, which earned Kidman her first Academy Award nomination.