Soundtrack #2 Surprises All K-Drama Fans With A Disney Plus Release

Soundtrack #2 Surprises All K-Drama Fans With A Disney Plus Release
Image credit: Disney+

There’s no excuse to miss it now.


  • Soundtrack #1 was a K-drama released in 2022.
  • It explored the relationship of two friends who are united by the task of writing a love song together.
  • Soundtrack #2 is the second story of a franchise with a different plot and different leads.
  • In contrast to the first part, Soundtrack #2 is airing on Disney Plus for U.S. viewers.

While people may disagree about the musical episodes in specific western shows, it's hard to deny the power that music has in the series as a whole. A good soundtrack can make the scene absolutely iconic, while a bad one can ruin the whole mood of the episode and spoil an otherwise great written and directed scene.

But it's not just the way the music is incorporated into the show that can make fans go crazy for the story. The music can become a character in its own right, a magnetic force that makes or breaks the couple, and be at the center of the storytelling. This is exactly what the Korean drama Soundtrack #1 did in 2022.

The sad thing is that only a select few from the U.S. were able to watch the show, as it was only available on Disney Plus in select regions, and America wasn't one of them. Soundtrack #2, recently announced at the Disney Content Showcase in Singapore, will change all that.

Is Soundtrack #2 The Second Season Of Soundtrack #1?

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Although two series share the title, the second is not a direct continuation of the first. It wouldn't be correct to call it the second season, because it's more like a second part in the same franchise. Soundtrack comes back with a completely new cast and a new storyline, but the very same idea of finding love through music.

This time, instead of exploring the ‘friends to lovers’ trope, the show will focus on two ex-lovers who meet for piano lessons. With Geum Sae-Rok portraying Do Hyun-Seo, a talented musician who has given up on her dreams, and Steve Noh portraying a young rich CEO who needs piano lessons, viewers are in for some great performances all around.

The big bonus with this premiere is that the show is now available on Disney Plus in an expanded geographic area. Viewers across Europe, Canada and the U.S. can already tune in for the first two episodes and check out the story for themselves.

If you believe that true love deserves a second chance and that music can bring people closer together, you can stream two premiere episodes of Soundtrack #2 on Disney Plus today. Or tune in on Wednesday to catch the next installment.