Staged Or Not? Will Smith vs. Chris Rock Incident at Oscars Prompts Internet Buzz

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Perhaps the most memorable moment at the 2022 Oscars ceremony was when Will Smith punched Chris Rock in the face after the latter joked about his wife.

Will Smith’s escapade has already prompted an entire parade of memes and jokes, driving the Oscars ratings high and placing the incident in the Twitter trends. Which is exactly why many people began suspecting that the whole altercation between Smith and Rock was staged.

After all, it’s professional actors we’re talking about. And even though the entire thing seemed to be very authentic, many people had their legit doubts. It even escalated into a some sort of Twitter civil war between the folks who believe that the punch was fake and those who insist that it wasn’t.

Here’s what many people think is evidence of the altercation being staged: a little smile visible on Smith’s face. We see you!

Some users said the punch could also be this year’s nominee.

But maybe we should indeed ask Chris Rock.

Some people suggested that this was how Zendaya reacted to the whole situation (and the picture just makes you believe it could have been that way):

After the drama that unfolded on stage, Will Smith came back later - this time to receive his Oscar as Best Male Actor for his performance in 'King Richard'. He even delivered a tearful apology for the caused scene.

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