Stephen King Highly Recommends New Sci-fi Thriller You’re Not Watching

Stephen King Highly Recommends New Sci-fi Thriller You’re Not Watching
Image credit: Legion-Media, Apple TV+

The King of Horror supported a new Apple TV+ original, which can compete with louder sci-fi debuts of the last year.


  • Starring Noomi Rapace, Constellation appears as a new science series about an astronaut losing part of her memory after an incident in space.
  • Stephen King gave his glowing praise to the show, calling its first episodes “just about perfect”.

Apple TV+ new inventive sci-fi series, Constellation, created by Peter Harness (famous for BBC's The War of the Worlds), premiered online in the end of February, almost invisible to the Internet community, despite the fact that this streaming platform is famous for its fantastic thriller shows, see, for example, Silo, one of the biggest debuts of 2023, Invasion, Severance and other series, decently representing the genre.

Luckily, it attracted people’s deserved attention after Stephen King, the King of Horror, the acclaimed author in a number of genres, including science fiction, and, moreover, one of the main X short-reviews authorities, as well as Hideo Kojima, gave it a high-praise assessment.

“The first 2 episodes of CONSTELLATION are just about perfect--nail-biting and believable,” he wrote in his X (formerly Twitter) account.

The series, which got such an appreciating support from King, features Jo, portrayed by Noomi Rapace (known for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant), an astronaut, who is returning to Earth after a space disaster, which left gaps in her memory due to an unexplained reason. She realizes she can’t remember essential parts of her life and aims to fill the missing memories and uncover the truth.

The Constellation crew also includes such stars as Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul ), Julian Looman (Emily in Paris), James D’Arcy (Agent Carter, Oppenheimer ) and William Catlett (The Devil You Know), as well as the Emmy winner Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad) as the director of the first two episodes. Given her experience and sharp optics, they came out perfectly directed, carefully detailed and filled with suspense.

Even though the series got praise from Stephen King, we should keep in mind his words were related only to the show’s mysterious introduction, which has already come to light.

Further Constellation’s development is considered to differ from the first two episodes, shifting the focus from space issues to a more intimate and psychological part - it is going to unravel the inner problems of the main heroine, setting on Earth.

While the fifth episode is just around the corner, coming on March 6, you can become convinced whether King was right about the show. Stream Constellation on Apple TV+.

Source: Stephen King via X (formerly Twitter)