Stephen King’s Fans Already Have a Perfect Biopic Fancast In Mind

Stephen King’s Fans Already Have a Perfect Biopic Fancast In Mind
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Hollywood, it’s your call now!


  • With the apparent rise in popularity of biopics for various celebrities, fans of Stephen King are patiently waiting for his turn.
  • King is not only critically acclaimed as a writer, but also as an inspiring story of overcoming addiction.
  • Some of the top fan choices to portray the young Stephen King are Jesse Plemmons, Bill Hader, Jake Gyllenhaal and Daniel Radcliffe.

With so many biopics coming out in the last few years, some moviegoers think the genre is about to take over the industry, just like superhero movies did in the late 2000s. Unfortunately, that's not always a compliment, considering how often Marvel and DC movies are criticized for being shallow.

Even though the industry seems to be mostly interested in singers and musicians right now, that can easily change. With so many great talents with inspiring life stories, it's only a matter of time before we learn more about iconic actors, photographers, and writers. Stephen King fans, for example, already have the perfect casting in mind.

Who Can Play Stephen King In a Biopic?

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No matter what you think of King's novels, it's impossible to deny the impact the author has had on the world of horror fiction and film through the screenplays based on his stories.

However, chances are that casual fans are unaware of the struggles the author faced on the road to success and the chilling metaphors that came to the pages of his books through the true inspiration of various addictions. To do the story justice, fans say, casting directors need to be a little more creative.

The topic was brought up by Redditor BeelzebubParty on the r/stephenking subreddit. No matter how easy it would be to cast someone extremely popular like Timothee Chalamet or Tom Holland to attract more viewers, fans wouldn't be happy with that choice. Instead, they suggested some more mature options.

One of the most popular fans was Bill Hader, who is known for portraying the complexity of emotions through his character Barry in the show of the same name. Another actor who has recently been in the media for his Prime Video thriller Road House is Jake Gyllenhaal. Knowing his ability to blend into any character, he would undoubtedly make a great King.

However, no Stephen King biopic would have been possible without his wife Tabitha King, but fans have that covered as well. One of the duos that was suggested and got quite a lot of support was Daniel Radcliffe and Carrie Mulligan, both known for their wide range. However, the top vote went to real-life acting couple Jesse Plemmons and Kirsten Dunst.

Is There Going to Be a Stephen King Biopic?

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Although fans are more than excited to see this movie, so far there's nothing but speculation to support their fancasting dreams. So far, there have been no claims from any studio or the author himself that a project based on his life is in any stage of development.

However, given how quickly streaming services and production studios are snatching up names to work on their own Oscar-worthy, tear-jerking yet inspiring biopic, it's only a matter of time before King is approached. So keep an eye out for all the Stephen King-related news and updates.

Source: Reddit