Stephen King’s Rare Non-Horror Story to Be Made Into Mike Flanagan’s Movie Soon

Stephen King’s Rare Non-Horror Story to Be Made Into Mike Flanagan’s Movie Soon
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Seems like another masterpiece is in the making.

Everybody knows that Stephen King is a master of horror, literally a legend in the field. Ever since his 1974 Carrie saw the light of the day, he owned the genre and became the king of it.

However, while he is most valued for his terrifying stories, there are many works of his that ended up being major hits but weren’t horrors. For example, take The Shawshank Redemption: the hit 1994 movie opens almost every “the best movies” list until this day!

However, it seems like another non-horror movie based on King's work is going to premiere any day now. We are talking about the film called The Life of Chuck that Mike Flanagan is carefully carving right now.

It’s already known that the production of the film wrapped up in November 2023, but there's still no information on when the premiere is going to happen. But the fans of both King’s books and Flanagan’s movies are waiting in anticipation for whatever news about it.

The thing is, the story is not that well-known compared to other King’s works, but we already know that the director is happy to bring it to the screen. After the success he had with the movie Gerald's Game, based on King's horror story, it seems that his directing style will be perfect for the new movie as well.

And the director's comment on The Kingcast, "I think this is going to be the best movie that I'll ever make," gives us hope as well.

What The Life of Chuck is about?

The Life of Chuck is told in three acts in reverse chronological order. It begins with an orphan named Chuck who loves to dance and has a haunting vision of himself dying of a brain tumor at the age of 39.

The unique chronology and melodramatic narrative could be very cinematic in a film adaptation, and Flanagan seems like the perfect director for it.

The new movie will definitely be a tear-jerker that dives deep into the world of raw emotions. It's already known that it will feature A-listers like Tom Hiddleston, Mark Hamill, Chiwetel Ejiofor, David Dasmalchian and Matthew Lillard.

Source: The Kingcast