Steven Spielberg’s New War Miniseries Hits Apple TV+ in January

Steven Spielberg’s New War Miniseries Hits Apple TV+ in January
Image credit: Apple TV+

The show that will definitely steal your heart.


  • The new series is set during WWII.
  • The creators of the new show are the legendary Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman.
  • The show is to land on AppleTV+ on January 26.

Attention war drama fans, something truly iconic is coming your way! The new Apple TV Plus original miniseries is about to hit the platform, and the creators promise it will rock your world. And who are we not to believe such legends as Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman?

The trio were the producers of the famous 2001 war series Band of Brothers, starring Damian Lewis and David Schwimmer. The show was highly praised and considered one of the best WWII action series.

So when people found out that they were working together on another war series, which is actually a follow-up to Band of Brothers, they started to freak out. Then, they found out who was going to star in it, and the anticipation just skyrocketed to another level.

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There are many talented and extremely good looking American, English, and Irish actors, and the experts say that the series is simply a steal-the-scene show between them all.

For example, the lead role of Major Gale "Buck" Cleven went to Austin Butler, who starred as Elvis in Baz Luhrmann 's biopic. Spielberg's son Sawyer has a starring role, and the fascinating role of the troubled Colonel Harold Huglin is played by Nikolai Kinski.

Fans will also be happy to see Ncuti Gatwa, the current Doctor Who, who plays 2nd Lt Robert Daniels in the new series.

Expectations for the upcoming series are extremely high, and fans are almost certain that they will get a worthy show about the WWII era – especially amid the movie’s estimated budget of more than $200 million.

“I don't think Hanks and Spielberg would put their name on something that wasn't high quality visually. Now the story, it's possible it might not be up to par, but visually I think it'll be great,” Redditor cynic74 said.

The filming of the series started in 2021, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Masters of the Air will premiere on Apple TV+ on January 26, 2024.