Stop With The Big Bang Theory Prequels Already, Fans Beg

Stop With The Big Bang Theory Prequels Already, Fans Beg
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Young Leonard isn’t something anyone would want to watch.


  • Since The Big Bang Theory premiered in 2007, the fandom has technically never gone a year without content.
  • With Young Sheldon starting in 2017, but now approaching its season 7 finale, fans are looking for other ways to expand the beloved universe.
  • However, the show seems to have run out of prequel ideas, leaving only sequels for future projects.

“I love this show, can’t wait for it to end,” said no fan ever. It is understandable that the die-hard fans of any universe would cling to the last straw and any possibility of a spinoff as the story nears its end. Sometimes, however, poorly produced spinoffs are far worse than simply leaving favorite characters behind.

In the case of The Big Bang Theory, whoever replaces Max in the upcoming spinoff needs to be very careful with what they're doing. Young Sheldon raised the bar, and now viewers won't stand for anything even slightly less fantastic.

Will There be Another The Big Bang Theory Spinoff?

The fans’ discussion about potential spinoffs has sparked on the r/YoungSheldon subreddit as a Redditor No-Refrigerator-7777 suggested the idea of Young Leonard show. Though the thought was quickly dismissed, the viewers expanded the discussion to other characters.

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Though a few people expressed their interest in seeing Young Howard or even Young Amy shows, none of these versions were even a close match to Young Sheldon’s setup. Half of these characters had a straight-up depressing childhood with abusive parents, just like Leonard, and others simply wouldn’t make interesting enough leads.

“The only one a “young” show works for is Sheldon, because of his being a child prodigy, with exceptional quirkiness. The storyline is around his navigating the world of high school and college as a child, which the others have no such draw to base the show on other than being from TBBT,” Redditor morley1966 said.

While fans are used to attributing much of Sheldon's success as a character to Jim Parsons' brilliant portrayal, it wasn't the only thing that made him so interesting. Though rude and arrogant at times, Sheldon was weird and quirky enough to make anyone look at him and wonder, "How did this happen”.

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Young Sheldon was created as an answer to that question, though it then evolved into a great story in its own right, even sparking its own spinoff about Georgie and Mandy.

It is clear that fans of The Big Bang Theory are still as passionate about the show as they were 5 years ago when it was coming to an end. However, if a studio wants to build an extension of this universe, the past is not the way to go. A bright future, however, is what many fans would like to see.

Until there is official news of another The Big Bang Theory spinoff in the works, be sure to tune in to CBS every Thursday to not miss the season 7 finale of Young Sheldon and see how the Cooper family's story wraps up.

Source: Reddit