Strange New Worlds’ Spock Faces Two ‘Nerve-Wracking’ Challenges He Never Had Before

Strange New Worlds’ Spock Faces Two ‘Nerve-Wracking’ Challenges He Never Had Before
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This might be the most complicated twist yet.

The latest addition to the Star Trek universe, the spin-off from Star Trek: Discovery tells the story of Captain Christopher Pike and the crew of the USS Enterprise as they explore new worlds throughout the galaxy. According to canon, the events covered in the series take place a decade before Star Trek: The Original Series.

The show allows fans of the extensive universe to get a deeper look into the lives of fan-favorite characters. Starting in 2022, it has already been well received by critics with a Primetime Emmy Award and several other award nominations.

And even though the production of season 3 of the series has already been affected by the ongoing WGA strike, now joined by SAG, fans can still enjoy following their favorite characters through season 2 as it currently airs on Paramount Plus.

One of the characters that was the focus of everyone's attention in the last episode, Charades, is Spock. Portrayed by Ethan Peck, he faced two of the toughest challenges of his life: love complications and dealing with the humanity within him. Surprisingly, the one didn't come from the other, and in fact, may have had the opposite effect.

Peck reflected on a scene with the parents of his fiancée, T'Pring, in an interview with TVLine:

“It was really nerve-wracking. Any moment that Spock leans into his humanness is such a challenge for me as an actor. I felt really scared. It felt like a big risk as the actor playing Spock, and it was beautifully handled by [director] Jordan Canning,” the actor explained.

With T'Pring putting their relationship on hold while exploring newfound feelings for Chapel, Peck had to admit that even he finds the situation complicated, to say the least. Although the actor doesn't see his character as a player of any kind, we're not sure the women Spock is currently involved with would agree.

If you are interested in finding out how this love triangle will be resolved in the series, you can tune in to Paramount Plus every Thursday to not miss another Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode.

Source: TVLine