'Stranger Things' Fans Settle the Argument About Who Should Nancy End Up With

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Steve, Jonathan, or Robyn? Fans have made their choice for Nancy.

Nancy Wheeler has been quite a heartbreaker throughout 'Stranger Things'. At the beginning of the story, she would hang out with Steve Harrington and eventually end up dating him. But then, her heart led her into the arms of Jonathan Byers.

In season 4, however, things got even more complicated. With Nancy and Jonathan growing apart because of being in different states, Steve used his chance and let Nancy know that he would like to start it all over again. Against the backdrop of that drama, fans are also shipping Nancy with Robyn – Steve's lesbian friend.

With that many options – and that many different shippers – who should Nancy finally choose? Well, according to fans, there is an option that can have everyone in agreement.

And this option is… staying single.

Fans argue that Nancy "should fly solo" for a while, because she is a "strong and independent woman" who "doesn't need no man". Naturally, a lot of people remembered that Nancy does very well when it comes to shotguns. So does Nancy even have to choose between three people and the drama that comes with them, or?..

When it comes to choices between her two potential boyfriends, things are getting complicated.

"She's super into Jonathan when they're investigating mysteries together, but they don't get on so well when Jonathan focuses on his family," Redditor Jaomi argued. "Same with Steve: they have great chemistry when they're in the thick of the action, but not so much when Steve just wants to have a normal life."

Nancy, however, seems to be less about family currently – she made it clear when speaking to Steve and listening to his dream of having several kids – and more into "chasing the truth and justice".

Still, there is a whole season 5 for Nancy to settle her drama and the love triangle she is apparently a part of. Given that the fifth chapter would be the final one for 'Stranger Things', it is highly likely that her decision will be a landmark one for her as well.

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