Stranger Things Has a Perfect Trick Percy Jackson Should Adopt — With One Little Tweak

Stranger Things Has a Perfect Trick Percy Jackson Should Adopt — With One Little Tweak
Image credit: Netflix, Disney+

We are all hyped about the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series — and with this little addition the show would be chef's kiss.

Percy Jackson TV series has just revealed its premiere date in a new teaser: expect Camp Half-Blood to open its gates on December 20 with two episodes at once. This is something the Rick Riordan fandom has been waiting for a long time; and fans are overwhelmed with hype, theories, and predictions.

One fan on Tumblr came up with a lesson the upcoming Percy Jackson series should learn from another pop culture phenomenon, Netflix 's Stranger Things. It's about... the soundtrack.

Let's not deny just how important the score is for any show or movie. Stranger Things partly owes its success to its absolute masterpiece of the soundtrack, which made even the Gen Z kids fall in love with the 80s hits, while others are happily rediscovering the forgotten gems.

Well, Percy Jackson could do just the same... for the good old 2000s punk rock music.

Hear us out. What was a little bit cringeworthy for the Percy Jackson movies (remember those, with Logan Lerman in titular role?), can work out just fine for the new series. We all came to cherish the 2000s music gems, and Percy Jackson series can be a perfect place to breathe a new life into them.

After all, those Gen Z kids do need to freshen up their playlists with good old bangers, don't they?

"[I] want the [Percy Jackson] show to have soundtracks a la [Stranger Things] except replace the nostalgic 80’s music with nostalgic 2000’s punk rock music. [Yes] i’m looking at you matchbox twenty, fallout boy, and green day," said Tumblr user annabethmyfave in a 2020 post. "[Imagine] the battle sequences! [The] zip up hoodies!"

Needless to say, we've already imagined it, and we just need to have those soundtracks in the new show. The 2013 movie Sea of Monsters already tried to incorporate Fall Out Boy's My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark into the world of Ancient Greek mythology and modern demigods, and it was one of the best parts about the film. And there were not too many of them...

So yes, if Percy Jackson can inherit anything from Stranger Things, it's the approach to the soundtrack. Strike us with that lightning of nostalgia, Rick Riordan, we're so ready!

Source: Tumblr