Stranger Things Cliché Ending Rumor Has Fans Begging For it Not to Be True

Stranger Things Cliché Ending Rumor Has Fans Begging For it Not to Be True
Image credit: Netflix

No matter what the Duffer brothers have up their sleeve for the fifth and final season, this would be the worst possible ending.

As Stranger Things is heading to its grand finale, the fandom has already brainstormed on every possible ending there could be; from "everyone is dead" to "they lived happily ever after". But one fan theory offers what might be the most predictable way for the show to go out.

The fan theory was discussed by the Stranger Things cast with Vanity Fair, with someone nicknamed PauldePaola suggesting that the events of the show would end up being nothing short of "an elaborate D&D game". The characters would be all grown-up and fantasizing about the childhood nightmares.

While the cast praised the theory as "good" (albeit with little enthusiasm), many people believe this would be the worst possible ending for a show like Stranger Things. There is hardly an older cliché than "it was all a dream", and the D&D finale would basically be a variation of that.

Many fans are against Stranger Things ending like that, thinking that the only finale that would be worse would be something like...

"What if after will crashed with his bike he has like a coma/dream and that's like everything that has happened. And like the ending is mike saying "gosh will you crashed that bike pretty hard," Redditor amyl59 said (hopefully with a great load of sarcasm).

Naturally, as Stranger Things approaches its actual finale, fans are getting more and more excited for whatever the Duffer brothers have prepared for them. The actors have already teased something truly dramatic and big, and with Will Byers actor Noah Schnapp coming out as gay (and basically outing his character via a TikTok caption), hopes for Mike & Will being endgame have risen once again.

But to find out, we will have to wait. The premiere date is yet to be announced by Netflix.