'Stranger Things' Poster Looks Like Many Different Things at Once, and Fans Are Not Okay With It

Image credit: Legion-Media

The Netflix horror hit 'Stranger Things' returns on May 27, and it's unlikely you'll be surprised by how the official poster looks.

Who could have imagined that the season 4 poster of 'Stranger Things' is going to be a number of trendy 'floating heads' of pretty much every character that is involved in the show?

Netflix revealed the poster for 'Stranger Things' on Thursday, and immediately prompted a bunch of disappointed sighs from the fans who expected something far more creative.

And when it comes to the 'floating heads' genre, Marvel does it better, fans argue.

Not everyone thinks so, however.

Seems like the show's villain – presumed by many to be Vecna – looks a lot like the Night King from 'Game of Thrones'.

Eventually, some people took issue with the general look of the poster, suggesting that it looks cheap and "amateurish".

Still, 'Stranger Things' fans are excited for the show to return and shed light on further adventures of Will, Finn, Eleven, Dustin and the rest of the group. The fictional town of Hawkins (along with other corners of the world, from California to Russia) is set to face the evils hidden in the Upside Down.

Season 4 will be split into two halves, with Volume 2 to air on July 1. In February 2022, the show was renewed for the fifth and final season.

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