'Stranger Things' Questionable Marketing Effort Gets Completely Destroyed by Fans

Image credit: Netflix

Getting on the hype train but angering your loyal fanbase in the process? Sounds like a plan.

Netflix's biggest TV show 'Stranger Things' is nearing its Season 4 premiere, and the streaming giant's marketing machine is starting to swing in full force. However, things are not going according to plan – fans are already outraged by the show's latest marketing efforts.

It was recently announced that Netflix will release a bunch of small mystery games, rewarding its players with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFTs are currently taking over the world, but many fans oppose this technological innovation, arguing that it is just another way for big companies to cash in on fans of their franchises.

So, Netflix's decision to include NFT in its marketing strategy for a beloved series like 'Stranger Things' is rather odd. Fans over at Reddit are already strongly against this whole NFT-as-a-reward business: there're just so many reasons why NFTs existing is actually pretty bad in and of itself – from how it destroys the environment even further to harming artists and encouraging numerous scams and frauds.

Some fans note that this particular decision could cause even more financial problems for Netflix, urging the company to rethink its NFT strategy, as other major companies have already done.

Others hope that these marketing efforts were made by Netflix on its own, without the Duffer brothers' involvement.

Netflix has not yet commented on the backlash it has received from fans.

'Stranger Things' season 4 arrives on Netflix on May 27, 2022.

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