'Stranger Things' S4 Vol 2: This Beloved Pairing is Finally Canon

'Stranger Things' S4 Vol 2: This Beloved Pairing is Finally Canon
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Who even needs that finale drama when these two are happy.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Stranger Things ' Volume 2

'Stranger Things' has never been too merciful to our hearts, especially when it comes to epic season conclusions. But no matter how cruel Volume 2 may have been to us, it brought one pure moment of joy when Hopper and Joyce finally went official.

Yes, Jopper shippers can now rejoice (or should we say re-Joyce?): the two have finally shared a passionate moment together shortly after their dramatic reunion in Russia.

Fans could not be happier for the couple, even though they made out in a church, and Hopper looks like he's been through hell – which is actually pretty close to truth considering that he miraculously escaped from a prison where he was about to be fed to the Demogorgon. Even a bit of predictability didn't ruin the moment.

"Everything was pretty predictable, I knew when Joyce and Hopper where gonna get nasty the phone call would come in, because in what scripted setting wouldn't it." – /exceedings.

This was a bright and hopeful moment in the middle of the dark and dramatic season finale, and there was hardly anyone who rooted against this couple to get together. Especially after everything these two have been through for each other.

"Joyce and Hopper is the exact definition of "i would die for you," as one of the Jopper fans put it on Twitter.

However, this might as well be the only moment that won't have 'Stranger Things' fans rioting, since the rest of Volume 2 is stuffed with drama, pain, despair and tears.

See for yourself as Volume 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.