'Stranger Things' Season 4 Will Spend A Lot Of Time In This Macabre Location

Image credit: Legion-Media

The recently released trailer for the show's upcoming season had fans eagerly waiting to see what awaited them, especially after the macabre Upside Down (absent from the previous installment) reappeared on screen.

In fact, fans would be delighted to learn that Upside Down will be a major part of the season 4. In a conversation with IGN creators of the series, the Duffer Brothers, revealed that the time spent by our beloved characters in the dark dimension next season will be significantly longer than ever before.

"This season, we wanted to really go in there and spend some time there. So that's something we're super excited about this season. I mean, we spend more time in the Upside Down than any other season. It's not even close," Ross Duffer said.

It looks like fans will finally start getting answers about the origins of The Place – will we finally learn the secrets of Upside Down? And what is that monster shown in the recent trailer? Given that the chapter will be the penultimate season for the series, it's time for us to find out what's going on in Upside Down.

Fans are restless to revisit this mysterious plane of existence once again, with many of them sharing their excitement and wondering what this mysterious monster is.

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