'Stranger Things': Was Lucas to Blame for What Happened to Max?

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Or do we need to protect him at all costs?

'Dear Billy' was perhaps one of the most emotional episodes in 'Stranger Things'. Even though Max eventually managed to escape from Vecna alive, it was really heartbreaking to watch her struggle with her demons alone, because she would never let anyone – especially Lucas – get too close to her.

Lucas, who used to date Max, clearly felt that something was wrong and did his best to try and reach out to his ex-girlfriend. But even when she assured him that they were okay, Lucas seemed to be corroded by guilt.

Was he really to blame?

After all, Max herself volunteered to be a part of the Hawkins gang and get involved with the supernatural stuff the kids had to deal with. Now, Lucas seems to blame himself for how things played out for her.

However, fans are ready to defend him at all costs.

"Don't think anyone's at fault, Max wanted to be part of the party, she would've learned everything eventually," – @Tomiouss.

Even though the theory of Lucas being somewhat responsible for Vecna's curse targeting Max makes sense.

"She's under Vecna's curse bc she feels guilty about Billy sacrificing himself to save her. He wouldn't have done that if she hadn't been involved/ accepted the risk of knowing. Not to mention her being in the party was against Billy's wishes too (not that that was fair anyway)," – @TheRealMacNutt1.

In fact, Lucas might want to pat himself on a back instead, because some fans believe Max was really lucky to "get involved".

"Actually she was saved because she was involved. She joined the smartest group there," – @bumbuub.

Now that Max appears to be safe from Vecna (at least temporarily), Lucas can breathe easily… at least until we get to see Volume 2 after it premieres on July 1. The season finale has already been touted by the creators as something particularly dramatic and heartbreaking.

So we might want to get our Vecna playlists ready and surround ourselves with good friends, just like Max did.

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