Summer Has Zero Chance Against Beth, and Even Piper Perabo Agrees

Summer Has Zero Chance Against Beth, and Even Piper Perabo Agrees
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We can all agree that nobody messes with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) on Yellowstone and usually lives to tell about it.

Indeed, there are many on the ranch invested in protecting John's interests yet none fulfills that role more valiantly than his only daughter, Beth (Kelly Reilly).

In the past, Beth has made life miserable for anybody willing to threaten the family. The character is infamous for spewing venom at strangers foolish enough to approach her at the bar and is generally merciless regarding those that cross her father. Therefore, it's no surprise that Daddy's girl hasn't been playing nice with Summer Higgins, one of the most recent additions to Yellowstone.

The character arrives in season four of the show as an overzealous animal rights and environmental activist.

However, when a boycott she stages at the Montana Livestock Association seems like the ideal situation to land on John's bad side, he actually discovers a soft spot for the gal. Hence, despite their apparent differences, the two characters have been getting cozier which doesn't sit well at all with Beth.

In fact, Piper Perabo – who portrays Summer Higgins on Yellowstone – agrees that getting on the bad side of John's favorite offspring gives her character little chance when squaring off with the unstoppable Beth.

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The 46-year-old actress opened up to TV Guide and had plenty to say about their feud, which recently escalated into a physical confrontation (S5, E5 "Watch 'Em Ride Away") that has a lot of fans anticipating what will happen to Summer throughout the rest of season five of Yellowstone.

Perabo revealed that she frequently teases Kelly Reilly (who plays Beth Dutton on the show) about how she is going to get married to John Dutton and inherit the land as a result. However, according to Perabo, she is only joking with Reilly to get the actress into character. In reality, Perabo doesn't believe Summer "has a chance" of becoming the 'matriarch' of the Yellowstone Ranch.

That, she concludes, ultimately falls in the lap of Beth. While Summer is not nearly as high up on the line of succession ( and nothing will change that unless she marries John), Beth actually has a realistic chance of ending up with the land. After all, absolutely no one has been a match for Beth thus far, and it's hard to predict that will change with an obedient Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) always by her hip.

Sure, there is always the proposition that Jamie (Wes Bentley) finally gets his revenge, as he's been upping the ante against Beth in season five. Yet, as Perabo seems to acknowledge, her character (like many others on the show) has zero chance of defeating Beth.

But if Beth is to meet her demise, who do you think will be the culprit?