Super Mario Bros. Movie Has a Chance to Break Franchise's Curse

Super Mario Bros. Movie Has a Chance to Break Franchise's Curse
Image credit: Legion-Media

Is there finally some hope for Mario fans out there?

Fans all over the Internet have received the trailer for Super Mario Bros, the upcoming screen adaptation of the famous Mario video games, quite well, if not enthusiastically.

"This actually looks insanely good, great job at not over doing the graphics like most new age movies. I'm excited to see this one," wrote YouTuber PSYCHOPUNKED.

Unusually, there seems to be a consensus about the upcoming movie. It is simply the closest to the game of all that there have ever been. And there have been quite a bunch of Mario pictures from all over the globe.

Indeed, the graphics are a modernized version of the well-known characters and locations. You can easily see and recognize your beloved (or despised) ones as they preserve their tell-tale features, albeit smoothly drawn.

The depiction of different realms and their realia are what we are used to. There is, however, one major drawback, which is that we simple don't have enough plot from the trailer.

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The elated fans don't seem to care about the plot. The amount of joy the trailer brought overweighs any irregularities there may be. Adults are reminiscent of their childhoods.

Parents are happy for their children who are yet to see the movie and get acquainted with the Mario universe. Some 40-year-old fathers even see it as an excuse to go and see Super Mario Bros without being age-shamed.

Others confess that they've seen the trailer several times around because of their children's excitement about it.

There is no shame in admitting that your grown-up self is looking forward to the new Mario adaptation. Fans of all ages agree that the trailer let them remember their happier days of childhood.

"This trailer just tingled with every strain of childhood that is left in my 34 year old body," one fan said in a YouTube comment.

Whatever reasons we might have to love Mario and watch the upcoming adaptation, it is nice to have something joyful in your life, especially if you can share it with your children and with its help bridge the age gap between you.

Super Mario Bros premiere is expected on April, 7th, 2023.