Super Mario Bros. Post-Credits Scene Explained; What Happens Next?

Super Mario Bros. Post-Credits Scene Explained; What Happens Next?
Image credit: Legion-Media

The latest adaptation of the Super Mario Bros. video game has finally made its way to theaters.

This fresh take on the familiar characters injects renewed excitement into the hearts of video game fans.

Its storyline delves deeper into the Super Mario universe, a world rich with adventure and fun. We are here to look into what precious secrets the movie might have saved for its very end.

If the last several years have taught us anything, is that you always should wait until the end of the final credits after the movie for a potential nugget of a short scene that might await you there.

In fact, there are even two of them that you should absolutely not miss. Proceed with caution, as spoilers await you below.

The mid-credits scene bears less wow-factor and offers just a follow-up to the villain Bowser's gag seen earlier in the movie. It is of course fun, but brings nothing to the table plot-wise.

The post-credits scene in turn is the one that leaves a real mark, and moreover might indicate a path to a sequel or even a spin-off.

The post-credits scene takes us to the Brooklyn underground where we get to see a certain white egg with green spots.

The egg begins to crack and a cute little "yoshi" is heard right before the screen fades to black. After that kind of a cliffhanger, a sequel is basically a must for the franchise.

Yoshi's appearance in the movie was always almost a given, considering his huge popularity. However, how and when exactly he might enter the movie adaptation has been kept under wraps.

During the movie only a short scene showed a pack of Yoshis at a distance. Aside from that, there was no trace of Mario's faithful companion.

Thankfully, the post-credits scene finally sheds light on his inevitable appearance. So, did Yoshi end up in the real world? This remains to be seen.

The Super Mario Bros. universe offers a whole variety of characters and villains that have yet to be introduced.

This means that there is plenty of material for a sequel or spin-off and the work is definitely cut out for the movie's creators.

For now, though, fans can only hope that the movie is successful enough to receive a chance to continue the story on the big screen.