Superhero Wave Is Rumored To Make the MCU Debut In The Near Future

Superhero Wave Is Rumored To Make the MCU Debut In The Near Future
Image credit: Legion-Media

Underwater heroine Pearl Pangan may finally become a household name thanks to her rumored appearance in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Pangan, known by her alias Wave, was first introduced just a couple of years ago, in 2019, but her unmatched charisma and interesting storyline seem to have caught Feige's attention very quickly. Wave played a huge role in the Marvel Comics crossover 'War of the Realms', but despite her frequent association with another underwater character Namor, she is rumored to appear in a very unexpected MCU project: Daniel Destin Cretton's comedy 'Shang-Chi' spin-off.

A reliable industry insider shared the rumor via his Twitter page, causing a wave among the heroine's loyal fans.

Fans are already praising Marvel for their continued commitment to increasing the diversity in their films, but some still believe that finding the right actress to play Wave will not be a simple matter for the studio.

"I wonder how they're gonna cast her. Will they get a Filipino-American actor in the states? A known actor from the Philippines? or someone new and unknown like how they cast Iman?" – /ConfusedBub.

With the impending arrival of the Filipino superheroine, some fans are starting to wonder what other international characters might appear in MCU in the coming years.

"If this is true, I'd love it if we get the Agents of Atlas in the MCU. Kind of like the Winter Guard or Excalibur, it's always awesome seeing superhero teams focusing on different countries/cultures," – /cbekel3618.

Still, many feel that including only Wave to the roster of Marvel heroes is not enough, noting that her friends and colleagues Aero and Luna should also be added to the mix.

"Wave is great, but she needs Aero and Luna Snow to make their dynamic perfect. I see Marvel will just slap Wave into the MCU, but Aero and Luna are the two counters that make her bounce off better than just alone." – /Cafeterialoca.