'Supernatural' Fans Are Boycotting 'The Winchesters' Despite Positive Reviews

'Supernatural' Fans Are Boycotting 'The Winchesters' Despite Positive Reviews
Image credit: The CW

Die-hard 'Supernatural' fans don't even want to listen to the critics who have already seen the show.

The first reviews of 'The Winchesters ' seem to be surprisingly positive, with critics praising the 'Supernatural ' prequel as entertaining and promising, but a big part of the fandom remains adamant in its intention to boycott the upcoming show.

The CW's prequel is set to follow the story of John and Mary Winchesters, the future parents of Sam and Dean, to reveal just how they discovered themselves in the world of monsters and demons. Narrated by Dean Winchester himself, the show appears to be quite frivolous when it comes to things that have been already established by the original series: for instance, it appears to retcon the story of John taking up arms against monsters.

This is why many fans seem to be preemptively irritated by 'The Winchesters', and no matter how "entertaining" and "charming" the critics deem it to be, people are just not ready to accept that.

"Wouldn't watch it if you paid me......has no actual facts related to original story. The opposite is true. New fans are expected audience. Original fans know it's total retcon," Twitter user spnfangirl15 admitted.

One thing that irks fans the most is how the show could actually do without rewriting important parts of the lore when the story actually had "so much to offer" aside from retcon. As Twitter user meanbean74 said, "whatever The Winchesters will be, it will never be Supernatural."

There are, however, some ways to make 'The Winchesters' work without ditching 'Supernatural' canon completely.

"According to canon the only way this show will work is 1.) Jack creates a new universe and lets Mary and John hunt instead of Sam and Dean. 2.) This takes place in one of the infinite universes God destroyed." – @MichaelHuziak

The billion-dollar question is whether the showrunners will go for these ways or come up with their own – or will they simply leave things as they are and just tell a story that is completely new?

Many 'Supernatural' fans are actually ready to trust Jensen Ackles – the actor behind Dean Winchester and the executive producer of the prequel – with the fate of the beloved universe. The early reviews insist 'The Winchesters' are shaping up to be something genuinely good and entertaining, especially for the people who miss 'Supernatural' and its monster-hunting vibe.

Clearly, not everyone is boycotting: some people are ready to give it a try, and some are in for ironic watching. Others, meanwhile, have their own unique purposes.

"Watching The Winchesters but treating it as a psychological case study. What did 15 years of acting on Supernatural do to Jensen Ackle's mind." – @lesbomothman

'The Winchesters' premieres on The CW on October 11. The number of episodes, as well as the number of seasons, remains to be confirmed.