Supernatural Fans Were Robbed of Jensen Ackles as Deadpool, Apparently

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When asked by a fan if he was offered any other roles while working on Supernatural that he would have liked to have taken, Jensen Ackles revealed that he was once offered a role in Deadpool.

For many fans, it is surprising that Jensen Ackles is not already a part of the MCU.

The actor is a perfect fit for a superhero character, which has been proven by his role in The Boys. Soldier Boy has quickly become a fan favorite since joining the Amazon series in Season 3, and many fans are looking forward to seeing the actor reprise his role in the upcoming Season 4.

Ackles has never stepped into the MCU, but not for lack of trying. The actor was reportedly on Marvel Studios' shortlist for Captain America before they cast Chris Evans. Ackles was also in talks to play Hawkeye before Jeremy Renner was cast. However, the actor turned down the offer due to his Supernatural schedule.

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Now it turns out that Clint Barton was not the only Marvel role that Ackles had to say "no" to due to a tight Supernatural schedule. At the Salute to Supernatural convention, the actor opened up about another lost opportunity. He said that while working on Supernatural, he was approached to star in the movie he truly loves to this day.

"Every time I watch it, I am like "Ugh, it would be fun to have been part of that!" the actor admitted.

When asked by the audience what the movie was, Ackles hesitated and then said "Deadpool", which caused a strong reaction from fans who apparently assumed that Ackles was talking about the main character and were disappointed that they would never see the beloved actor in a tight red suit.

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The actor then jokingly reassured the audience that he would probably ruin the movie for a lot of people if he appeared in it because the cast that Deadpool ended up with was so good. Also, Ackles added that his ex-girlfriend was part of the movie, so their reunion on the set could have been awkward. The actor was referring to Morena Baccarin, who played Vanessa Carlysle, Wade Wilson's charming fiancée.

Supernatural fans may be mourning the loss of something they never expected to want, Jensen Ackles' Deadpool, but they have a perfect distraction. Jensen Ackles narrates and executive produces the Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters, currently airing on The CW.

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