Supernatural Has Botched Its Most Crucial Part, But the Writers Aren’t to Blame

Supernatural Has Botched Its Most Crucial Part, But the Writers Aren’t to Blame
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One would think they’d have more resources with such success.


  • Although Supernatural lasted for 15 years, the show had its heyday somewhere in the middle and slowly lost its following towards the end.
  • There are many rumors about the cost of making Supernatural, but most sources agree that it was a low-budget show.
  • Ironically, it is the supernatural part of Supernatural that has suffered the most because of it.

There are probably no fans who watched Supernatural for its believable graphics or amazingly choreographed action sequences. Although the premise of the show promised a lot of demon-fighting done by the Winchester brothers, it's the brotherhood itself that made most people stick around.

The show's lack of resources peaked with the finale and the ridiculously disappointing aging makeup that was put on Sam Winchester. But that wasn't the only time Supernatural got screwed up by a lack of budget.

Supernatural Worst Moments

Even though the show had a lot of questionable writing decisions and felt like a fever dream at times, that's not the part that disappoints fans the most in retrospect. Knowing how important the show once was to The CW, and how much money it probably made for the network, it's hard to understand why Supernatural didn't get a bigger budget at some point.

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Of course, there's something deeply nostalgic about the crude CGI, but many viewers couldn't hide their disappointment when the over-the-top creatures and phenomena ended up looking mediocre at best. The topic was brought up by user Active-Donkey5466 on the r/Supernatural subreddit and quickly garnered many responses.

Aside from a few specific creatures like the dragon and the phoenix, the most telling sign of the lack of budget was the way the show handled the majority of the entities that were supposed to communicate. No matter what their exact appearance had to be, they appeared in their humanoid form most of the time, with no additional element to their makeup.

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This was also the reason why the vampires and werewolves in the Supernatural universe would have been hard to tell apart: after all, they were all just human-like creatures with sharp teeth and weird slow-motion biting habits.

It wasn't just the character design that lacked the detail, CGI and expensive makeup techniques to give the show the look that could take it to the next level. The set design was no better, and Hell is one of the best examples, as Redditor c_schmidt1012 pointed out:

“Back when it was first shown on screen, we could see Dean chained and hooked in this dark, scary abyss. But when we revisited the place, then it became just another abandoned building. The props were okay but they obviously chose that route to save money on CGIs.”

No matter how poorly some elements of the show were done due to constant budget changes and cuts, Supernatural still managed to touch the hearts of many people by telling the stories of true family love, friendship and sacrifice, and that is what matters the most all these years later.

If you are feeling nostalgic and want to revisit the show, Supernatural is available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Reddit