Supernatural's Misha Collins Heartbroken after His Two Recent Shows Got Canceled

Supernatural's Misha Collins Heartbroken after His Two Recent Shows Got Canceled
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It's safe to say that Collins hasn't been the biggest fan of the CW management lately: the network literally axed both his new shows in a row.

If you think that you've had a rough week at work, there's at least one actor from your favorite series who can argue with that. Misha Collins, the one and only Castiel from Supernatural, just had two shows of his axed by the same company.

First, the actor was supposed to reprise his most iconic role in the second season of The Winchesters and star in the fan-favorite setting along with Jensen Ackles once again. This didn't quite work out since the guys over at the CW management didn't like the show's viewership ratings and killed it off after the very first season.

Second, almost the same thing happened with Gotham Knights — but arguably, even more frustrating for Collins. The actor managed to book the iconic role of Harvey Dent aka Two-Face in the show...

And yet again, he didn't even get a chance to appear on the screen since the CW canceled the series after the first season.

Misha didn't even try to hide his true feelings about these unfortunate events: the actor is fairly vocal on his disappointment, and he recently shared his thoughts in an interview.

"This chapter of my life is over. I was gonna say bittersweet, but it’s actually just sad: I’m not sure what the sweet part of it is. We have to move on and take on other exciting projects in our lives, but Supernatural is always going to have just such a fond place in my heart because it was such a big chapter of my life, but it also so radically changed my life," shared Collins.

Despite the heartbroken state Misha finds himself in, he still has some hope that one day, Supernatural may have a new sequel and spin-off and he'll get a chance to reprise his role as Castiel.

"I still hold on to some shred of hope that, at some point, we can do some resurrection of the show. Some movie or limited-run series… Find some way to say hello and goodbye to the characters one more time," the actor said.

Misha Collins is far from the only person hoping for the resurrection of Supernatural: Jensen Ackles said pretty much the same things after he failed to find a new home for The Winchesters... And then, there are millions of fans who also strive for it to happen — and with such a powerful back-up, we're certain that it will.

Source: Deadline