Sydney Sweeney Laughs at Stark Contrast Between Her 'Euphoria' Character High-School Outfit And Her Own

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We all know that 'Euphoria' high school looks seem to be, well, sort of unrealistic, but it hits different when you look at the stills from the show and pictures from real life.

During her Tuesday appearance on 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon, 'Euphoria' star Sydney Sweeney has had a chance to experience a little throwback to her high school days, but with a certain "euphoric" twist to it.

As she and Fallon were discussing her role in the show, particularly focusing on memes (because of course), the host at some point drew a certain collage of pictures, immediately prompting Sweeney to laugh.

Yes, it was a comparison of the actress' sophomore outfit and one of the looks delivered by her 'Euphoria' character, Cassie, in the show's glamorous version of high school.

The contrast turned out to be quite stark: while Cassie rocks a neckline top and full make-up, Sweeney herself used to opt for a merch hoodie and actual army boots.

The 'Euphoria High school' meme became viral at some point when people, mesmerized by the fashionable looks pulled off by students in the HBO hit series, fantasized about how they would serve a look in a 'Euphoria' school hallway.

For those unaware about the dress code in 'Euphoria' high school, it revolves around the suggestion that people come there to solely rock an outfit and hook up with someone, and not to actually study. Complete that with glittery purple eyeshadows, and voila: go get your Nate Jacobs, girl!

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