Tarantino's Main Character in The Movie Critic Might Spill All The Director's Secrets

Tarantino's Main Character in The Movie Critic Might Spill All The Director's Secrets
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It has long been no secret to Tarantino fans that all of his movies are connected in small details. The director's upcoming new and final movie can loop this universe and bring it to a common denominator.

Tarantino has confirmed that all his movies take place in the same universe, which is divided into two levels. The first is "more real than real," where Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds' characters live.

The second level – "movie within a movie" – are the tapes that the heroes of the first level watch, such as Kill Bill and Death Proof.

That is, for Vincent Vega, Kill Bill is the same movie as it is for us. Characters from the real world cannot appear in the movie of the first level and vice versa: but those who are in the second level can appear in other movies of their level.

It is in this division that the relationship between Tarantino's cinematic universe and Robert Rodriguez's cinematic universe lies, as From Dusk Till Dawn and Planet Terror are considered part of Tarantino's "movie within a movie."

It all started back in 1992 when Tarantino burst onto the movie scene with Reservoir Dogs, and then conquered the world in 1994 with the cult movie Pulp Fiction.

One of the main characters in Pulp Fiction was named Vincent Vega. And he is none other than the brother of Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs, who was actually named Vic Vega.

There is a famous scene in Pulp Fiction where Vincent and Mia are talking in a cafe.

During the conversation, Uma Thurman's character talks about a TV show called Fox Force Five, the plot of which revolves around five female super agents led by a deadly blonde.

This is nothing more than a reference to the much later movie Kill Bill. The list of the clues and hidden details can be continued for a very long time, as they are present in each movie.

But let's go back to the movie that hasn't been released yet The Movie Critic. The movie will be set in Los Angeles in the late 1970s, and the main character will be a woman.

Many fans of the director assume that it will be Pauline Kael, one of the most influential and famous film journalists in US history.

Kael became famous for her emotional reviews, in which she did not hesitate to talk about personal experiences and often deviated from the description of the movie.

She is also known for her devastating reviews of some popular movies like Star Wars. In 2015, Quentin was interviewed for a documentary about Pauline Kael and stated that he grew up reading her reviews and called the journalist "the Kerouac of film critics."

The director also believes that Kael greatly influenced his writing style and taught him to understand cinema.

If Kael really turns out to be the main character of the movie, then she is the one who can answer a lot of questions about the Tarantino universe and collect all the speculations and theories.

Also, Pauline could easily cross paths with Rick Dalton, DiCaprio's hero from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

So far, The Movie Critic looks like the perfect hodgepodge of everything Tarantino loves. And fans hope that the director's final chord will be as harmonious as ever.