Teen Wolf Already Had Its Perfect Ending (But Decided to Ruin It)

Teen Wolf Already Had Its Perfect Ending (But Decided to Ruin It)
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Sometimes these shows just don't know when to stop.

As the fandom tries to process Teen Wolf: The Movie and everything it did to the canon of the TV show, some people come up with hot takes like "this should have ended a long time ago." Now that the movie seems to be ruining the Teen Wolf experience for many fans, that point of view may have a lot more support than it has in a while.

According to Redditor Easy-Newspaper-6974, the only reason the movie even exists is because Season 6B ended on a cliffhanger that needed to be resolved. Part of that cliffhanger was that all things supernatural in Beacon Hills ended up being hated.

Of course, there are many ways to resolve a cliffhanger, and the movie could have just been done differently. But, the fan argues, there was no need to drag out a story that already had its perfect ending.

"[Season] 6A is the perfect ending to the whole Teen Wolf series because it has everything people wanted. [The] Stydia [Stiles and Lydia] fandom gets Stydia, S1 starts with Scott, and Stiles S6a ends with Scott and Stiles, plus the finished high school [...] gives the responsibility to [Liam and Mason] because they're not [teenagers] anymore," the Redditor said.

Now, it looks like Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis is on his way to launching some new Teen Wolf-related projects, despite the massive backlash the movie has already faced. Fans are criticizing it for multiple plot holes, ruined couples, new characters with no backstory, and lazy writing. Others, however, call it "decent" and are just happy to see some of their favorite characters reunited.

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