Teen Wolf Movie Release Date Revealed, And Fans Are Not Happy

Teen Wolf Movie Release Date Revealed, And Fans Are Not Happy
Image credit: MTV

After months of waiting Teen Wolf: The Movie finally got its official release date; the bad news? It's going to be a while.

As expected, NYCC was the venue for the official release date announcement. Jeff Davis and Paramount Plus confirmed the pessimists' worst fears: you shouldn't expect Teen Wolf: The Movie this year. Although the movie was originally supposed to be released on Halloween (if you google the release date, it still pops up on October 15), we now know for sure that it will premiere in another three months. Needless to say, fans are not all that happy about having to wait until 2023 after getting their hopes up about the movie being available either on Halloween or least on Christmas.

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Official Teen Wolf: The Movie release date is January 26, 2023; the movie will be available on Paramount+ streaming platform in the US and UK. It may take another day to get your hands on the movie if you live in a different country. The same day, January 26, the newest Jeff Davis project, Wolf Pack series, premiers, also on Paramount+.

Longtime Teen Wolf fans are already encouraging other to subscribe to Paramount+ to watch the movie; apparently the number of new subscribers is going to be one of the bigger factors in Paramount deciding if it worth it to make some more Teen Wolf movies. After all, Paramount+ does offer a free trial period, so signing up to watch the movie looks like an easy thing to do.

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While a lot of fans are pretty unhappy with the movie now coming out in 2023 and not this year, some of them suggest that it's actually a good thing: more time to work on editing and special effects (which, judging by the newest clip released by Paramount after Teen Wolf NYCC panel, do require some additional work still). That is to be expected, though: they haven't got a final edit yet, after all. Just a couple of days ago Jeff Davis posted some pics from editing room, indicating that they still working on it, although the film has wrapped shooting back in May.