Teen Wolf On-Set Drama That Forced Colton Haynes to Leave the Show

Teen Wolf On-Set Drama That Forced Colton Haynes to Leave the Show
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Over the course of six years, Teen Wolf saw its fair share of drama – both on set and on screen. One of the mysteries was why Colton Haynes left the show so abruptly after season 2.

Was it drama or was it just his decision to move on?

You guessed it! Of course, it was drama (come on, this is Teen Wolf after all).

Season 2 was coming to a close, and all the signs pointed to Jackson being set up as the main villain for season 3 (with him becoming a murderous Kanima and all).

Then, we found out that that was it for Colton Haynes, who played Jackson Whittemore on the show, due to "a contract negotiation stalemate," and in season 3, Jackson was simply moved to London and not seen again until the final season.

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His departure from the show seemed completely out of the blue, right?

In his memoir, Miss Memory Lane, Colton Haynes revealed that it was not all that simple and that there were many factors that caused him to leave.

He said, "The real truth was that they didn't want to pay me the same amount as everyone else."

The actor went on to talk about how his "working quote" (the fee he would receive for other parts on other shows) was already higher than the majority of his castmates at the time.

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While that may be true and Colton's role on Teen Wolf was a main one during those first two seasons, it is safe to say that he didn't really find fame until he was cast as Roy Harper on Arrow in 2013.

Maybe the actor was exaggerating his potential earnings?

In the memoir, Haynes added that his team only poured gas on the fire by making "the Teen Wolf production's life a living hell."

The actor believed that this was a key factor in the production's unwillingness to pay him "the standard salary." So many questions, so few answers…

Luckily, Colton Haynes and the production team seemed to have reached a salary agreement as Jackson made a comeback (at least in a guest role) in season 6 and later in Teen Wolf: The Movie. Yay!