Teen Wolf's Arden Cho Breaks Silence on Declining Revival Movie

Teen Wolf's Arden Cho Breaks Silence on Declining Revival Movie
Image credit: MTV

The Teen Wolf revival movie, released on Paramount+ on January 26, doesn't appear to be very successful.

The reception is mixed, with the critics hating it. The audience seems to like it (at least according to Rotten Tomatoes), but as is the case with movies released directly to streaming, we don't have box office returns to see whether it really has mass appeal, or whether there is just a bunch of dedicated fans praising it on the net.

There is also a controversy, which might possibly be an indication that the movie was a failure, although it also might be pointing in the opposite direction. That controversy is related to Arden Cho not returning for the movie, and not regretting that, even though most of the TV series' cast reprised their roles in the revival.

Arden Cho's character, kitsune Kira Yukimura, would have been an obvious fit for the movie, given that its plot is largely centered around monsters from the Japanese mythology, but still she didn't return.

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In any case, Arden Cho tweeted recently, commenting on her conspicuous absence:

"Don't worry babies, thanks for your support. Looking forward to better in 2023! Don't be scared to walk away or turn down an opportunity if you know it's not fair and it won't make you happy!"

By "it's not fair" she means an old grudge from the Teen Wolf TV series time. It was reported by anonymous sources (via Deadline) that during the filming of that series she was offered half the per-episode salary proposed to her three white counterparts. The same thing happened again before the filming of Teen Wolf: The Movie had started.

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As to whether that was unfair – well, it most likely was, but given that out of the four actresses who can be considered to be the female half of main cast Arden Cho appeared in the least amount of episodes and her character was eventually written out of the show without getting killed for the sake of the plot, the viewers should judge for themselves, whether her claims are justified, or whether the problem was with her performance.

As for the Teen Wolf movie, it is clearly setting up a sequel/spin-off about the new generation of supernatural teens, re-uniting most of the old cast as the main characters for the last time, but whether the franchise will continue in this way remains to be seen.