'Teletubbies' TV Reboot is a Thing of Nightmares, Fans Say

'Teletubbies' TV Reboot is a Thing of Nightmares, Fans Say
Image credit: Netflix

First of all, yeah, there is a reboot. Secondly... you might want to keep children away from the screen?

It's lovely when something from your childhood re-emerges and gets a new life when you're an adult... right?

It seems that the case with Netflix 's 'Teletubbies ' reboot is quite different. At least that's what social media users ruled when they saw the first poster for the adaptation, which had a lot to process.

First of all, the "sun" kid now has hair, which looks life-changing, but not necessarily in a good way. Then, we will apparently meet a new character reprised by Tituss Burgess, as he is set to narrate the series. Last but not least, the faces of the Teletubbies themselves look "creepy" and "scary", according to many fans.

"Are you kidding me with that sun? That’s not even kinda comparable to the original. Also, a host, I’m pretty sure the only human interactions were the microphones that popped out of the ground, and the ‘Tubbies tv tummies showing videos. So a host? Weird." - @BrandonTheSonic

It seems that all changes made from the original do not sit well with fans, and the old things 'Teletubbies' was loved for were not brought back. It might be too soon to judge from just a poster, but as of now, fans seem to be devastated with Netflix's take on the iconic kids' show.

Some people argue that the mere idea of bringing 'Teletubbies' back was a bad one. Many believe that the original show was just as bizarre and creepy as the upcoming reboot, with some social media users even arguing that 'Teletubbies' "traumatized" them as kids.

"I think teletubbies were a product of the time, [d]o we need them back?" Twitter user connbfb wondered.

There are even suggestions for a more audacious and a lot less kid-appropriate reboot, with people pitching a "a PG-13 (if not straight up R) rated horror movie about these things".

The reboot is set to arrive on Netflix on November 14... whether you want it or not.