The 10 Best Movies of 2024 So Far to Watch on Netflix, Prime & More

The 10 Best Movies of 2024 So Far to Watch on Netflix, Prime & More
Image credit: Legion-Media

The year 2024 has just started but it's already filled with movies that are more than worth watching.

Out of all the releases, these 10 are the ones that you should get acquainted with because they are that great.

From the original works to the sequels, the year 2024 was off to a good start.

The movie industry was able to offer us plenty of interesting works covering a huge variety of genres: from low-budget indie dramas to tense thrillers to epic blockbusters, the cinemas were bursting at the seams just in these first months of the year. And don't get us started about the streaming: the number of good movies that were released online is staggering.

Now, goodness is subjective, but it's always fun to have your own opinion about the things that critics seem to bash. Argylle, for example, wasn't very welcomed by them, but the audience found it to be quite entertaining for having its own way with the overabundance of spy movie tropes.

Mean Girls got their bad reviews because of deceptive marketing: the remake doesn't just reinvent the original story — it transforms it into a musical. You won't be irked if you know that.

Here's the list of 10 best movies of 2024 so far mentioned here: The Book of Clarence, Mean Girls, Society of the Snow, I.S.S., Argylle, The Beekeeper, Scrambled, The Promised Land, Self-Reliance, Origin.